Red Nights Summer!

Opening party

We arrived at the 4th Party of our Luxury Party series, where our guest is Goldhand – the favorite Deep House performer of Hungarian and internatonal clubs.

Goldhand is one of the leading disc jockeys in Hungary and is an excellent producer and composer.

His interest in music was already apparent at an early age, and he learned to mix at the age of 10 with an autodidact. His first job was in 1995, when he became the host of the Joker Club in Dömsöd. Four years later, in Zánka, 111 consecutive nights enterteined the audience from 7 am to 6 pm, and at the en of the summer he bought the gilded Technics recorders, which made Goldhand the artist’s name.

Resident: Boatech


  • The Ritz- Carlton Budapest Dome Bar


  • June15, 2019 saturday, from 22:00


A profi hangért köszönet az -nak 


  • Ladies admission is free!
  • Uraknak jegyek elővételben: 3.000 Ft, helyszínen 5.000 Ft

Under the age of 21, the event cannot be visited!

Further information: 06 20 361 5819

Face and dress controll: elegant

Red Nights Summer Opening Party

Thank you for your unforgettable evening! Let’s meet our next event!